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NGC 7129 RGB

NGC 7129 is a reflection nebula located 3,300 light years away in the constellation Cepheus. A young open cluster is responsible for illuminating the surrounding nebula.A recent survey indicates the cluster contains more than 130 stars less than 1 million years old. NGC 7129 is located just half a degree from nearby cluster NGC 7142.


Location Varia Agrinion, Greece
Date 29-30/07/2011
Telescope Sky-Watcher 190mm Mak-Newtonian
Mount NEQ6-Pro
Camera QHY8 Colour
Guiding Finder 8x50+QHY5+PHD 1.12.3
Exposures RGB 53x10min+1x15min= 09:05 Hours.
Calibration Frames 40xBIAS,40xFLATS,40XDARK FLATS
Capture Nebulosity
Stack Deep Sky Stacker
Processing Pixinsight 1,6 core, Photoshop, CS5