Gazing at the universe through the ''Eyes" of an Astrophotographer...!!!

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a few words about my equipment i use.


       Main telescope is GSO RC 8" Carbon tube and i change the focuser with new one moonlite 2". I use robotic step motor focuser from a new company My mount is the classic Skywatcher NEQ-6 Pro. I change the stock saddle plate with a new one from   ADM for better stability. For ccd i use QHY 9 Mono with starlight express usb filter wheel 5x2". Inside the filter wheel i use the Baaders LRGB 2" filters. The 5th possition is empty for my Baader Ha 2" or Baader O-III 2". For quiding i use now starlight xpress oag. For quide camera i use the starlight express lodestar high sensitive ccd it's the best camera for guide. After all i have and the astrophysics ccdt67 Telecompressor for my telescope. I can photograph with the main focal lenght 1600m or the reduced 1150m.


1 NEQ-6 Pro.jpg2 GSO-RC8-Monorail.jpg3at8rc-moonlite.jpg4 ccdt67.jpg5 QHY 9 M.jpg6 starlight express FW.jpg8 Lodestar Autoguider.jpg9 Baader LRGB 2''.jpg91 Baader Ha 7nm 2''.jpg92 Baader O-iii 7nm 2''.jpgDUAL-STD.jpggso8pegasus focuser.jpgstarlightxpress_oag_slimline_01.jpg